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Clever Pick Up Lines:-

  • Wanna Eat Cookie Dough Together Sometime?
  • I Would Flirt With You, But I’d Rather Seduce You With My Awkwardness.
  • On A Scale Of 1 To America, How Free Are You Tomorrow Night?
  • Do You Know If There Are Any Police Around? Cause I’m About To Steal Your Heart.

  • Is Your Name Ariel? Because of We Mermaid For Each Other.
  • When I text you goodnight later, what phone number should I use?
  • How Much Does A Polar Bear Weigh? Enough To Break The Ice!
  • Your Eyes Are Like IKEA…I Get Lost In Them.
  • Look, I’m just trying to drink here, but you’re very distracting.

  • Your eyes are like IKEA…I get lost in them.
  • Of All Your Beautiful Curves, Your Smile Is My Favorite.
  • See My Friend Over There? He Wants To Know If You Think I’m Cute.
  • Did You Fart? Because You Blew Me Away.
  • I definitely know you from somewhere. I wouldn’t have forgotten you.

  • Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back.
  • Are You A 45-Degree Angle? Because You’re Acute-Y!
  • Hey, This Halloween, How about You And I Being Boyfriend And Girlfriend?

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  • My Love For You Is Like Diarrhea, I Can’t Hold It In.
  • Damn, I just lost my phone number. Is it okay to have yours instead?
  • If I Were An Octopus, All My 3 Hearts Would Beat For You.
  • I Should Call You Google Because You Have Everything I’m Looking For.

  • Do You Have A Bandaid? Cause I Scrapped My Knees Falling For You.
  • Are You Made Out Of Grapes? Because You Are Fine As Wine!
  • You’re So Cute. It’s Distracting.
  • Hi, do you have a few minutes for me to hit on you?
  • I’m No Organ Donor, But I’d Be Happy To Give You My Heart.

  • I Don’t Believe In Love At First Sight, But I’m Willing To Make An Exception In Your Case.
  • Looking at you takes my breath away.
  • Was that an earthquake, or did you rock my world?
  • You Must Have A Nice Personality.
  • Is there an airport nearby or is that my heart taking off?

  • I’d Say God Bless You, But It Looks Like He Already Did.
  • Please Keep Your Distance. I Might Fall For You.
  • Did the sun come up, or did you smile at me?
  • I’m Sorry, Were You Talking To Me? [No] Well, Then, Please Start.
  • Besides Being Gorgeous, What Do You Do For A Living?

  • Even If There Wasn’t Gravity On Earth, I’d Still Fall For You.
  • I’m Going To Have To Ask You To Leave. You’re Making The Other Girls Look Bad.
  • I must be a snowflake because I’ve fallen for you.
  • I Just Got Dumped, And I Think That You Could Make Me Feel Better.
  • What’s Your Name? Or Can I Call You “Mine”?

  • Like a broken pencil, life without you is pointless.
  • If beauty were time, you’d be an eternity.
  • Can I Tie Your Shoes? I Don’t Want You Falling For Anyone Else.
  • I’m In A Boyband Called the Wrong Direction.
  • Let’s Be Nothing because Nothing Lasts Forever.

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  • How Much Does It Cost To Date You? Cause Damn, You Look Expensive!
  • I Value My Breath, So It’d Be Nice If You Stopped Taking It Away Every Time You Walked By.
  • Didn’t You Wear That Yesterday?
  • You Must Do Interior Design Because You Definitely Made This Room More Beautiful.
  • Can I Buy You A Drink – Or Would You Just Prefer The Five Bucks?
  • Are You The Square Root Of -1 Because You Can’t Be Real.
  • Please Call 9-1-1, Because You Just Made My Heart Stop!

  • I’m not a big fan of your last name but don’t worry, I can change that.
  • Are you lost? Because heaven’s a long way from here
  • Is Your Name Gillette? Because You’re The Best A Man Can Get!
  • You are the reason women fall in love.
  • So Last Night, I Was Reading The Book Of Numbers And I Realized I Don’t Have Yours.
  • Is Your Body From McDonald’s? Cause I’m Lovin’ It!
  • Hey, you owe me a drink. I dropped mine when you walked past.
  • How about you come to live in my heart and pay no rent?

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Clever Pick Up Lines, Pick Up Lines

  • You’re so beautiful that you made me forget my pickup line.
  • Girl, if you were words on a page, you’d be FINE Print.
  • I Know You’re Busy Today, But Can You Add Me To Your To-Do List?
  • You Are Almost As Hot As My Mom.
  • Anyone can sit here and buy you drinks. I want to buy you dinner!
  • You Are So Beautiful That I Would Marry Your Brother Just To Get Into Your Family.

  • If looks could kill, you’d be a weapon of mass destruction.
  • You Like Sleeping? Me Too! We Should Do It Together Sometime.
  • The Only Thing Your Eyes Haven’t Told Me Is Your Name.
  • You Can’t Be My First, But You Could Be My Next.
  • Are you a drummer, because you seem to know the beat of my heart.
  • I think you’re the next beautiful contestant in the game of love.

  • Hello, I’m a thief, and I’m here to steal your heart.
  • You shouldn’t wear makeup. It’s messing with perfection!
  • I have a pen, you have a phone number. Think of the possibilities.
  • Excuse me, I think you have something in your eye. Oh wait, it’s just a sparkle.
  • Don’t you just hate it when people try to use pick up lines on you?

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