Golf Pick up Lines ( 2024 ) Best, Funny & Cool Pick Up Lines List

Golf Pick up Lines ????: Hi friend, today we are giving you the list of Golf Pick up Lines, then let me tell you that I am very excited; I should give your list because the list I had seen last time was also outstanding and you enjoyed a lot Golf Pick up Lines. And with your comment, I am trying to provide this list to you; then you will also like it very much. I thought that what names you have to give and which list to share are all these things Golf Pick up Lines. It depends well and talks about it.

Golf Pick up Lines:-

  • I just finished a round of golf, wanna be my 19th hole today?
  • Your butt reminds me of St Andrews.. Hard and Firm
  • How about you bring two of your friends and we play a foursome?
  • Is that my golf bag in your pants because I just finished a long drive and I’d like to put my wood in it?
  • I’m like a US Open hard and long!!
  • I hope you like it rough because I don’t replace my divots.
  • My drives aren’t always long and straight.. but I can show you what is!
  • Hey baby…can you suck a golf ball through 50 feet of garden hose?
  • It takes balls to play golf.

  • I wanna take out your golf clubs and score a HOLE in 1.
  • I’m a bit tired so how about we just play your backside tonight?
  • You’re like an ugly dog-leg, but I’d still like to tee off.
  • Are you a water hazard? Because you got me soaking wet.
  • You in the mood for some stroke play?
  • I promise to lick your balls clean and polish your shaft before and after each use during the upcoming golf season.
  • How about grabbing two of your friends so we can play a foursome?
  • Bring some friends, and we can play a foursome.
  • From the moment I saw you, I’ve had a vertical shaft angle.

  • Spread your legs shoulder width, that’s the first step to a successful golf swing.
  • Damn, girl. You’ve got the nicest boobs I’ve seen outside a PGA Tour locker room.
  • You look like someone who likes to swing.
  • I only play in the short grass
  • I’m known on the tour for having a lengthy club.


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  • Are you into kinky stuff? How would you like to do something I won’t do for anyone on the PGA tour? I’ll let you beat me.
  • You interested in trying some new balls?
  • Are you a Nike One Platinum ball because I’d like to see you on a T?
  • Would you like to see my Slazenger along with my freshly cleaned balls?
  • I’m gonna pound you like I do these range balls.
  • Your putt looks great in those pants

  • You’re more beautiful than a hundred pink flamingos on a golf course.
  • Wanna see my cobra?
  • How about you be my caddy and wash my balls tonight?
  • Hey, were you just promoted from Army captain because I’m always up for getting another major?
  • Wanna be my caddy? You look like you’d be a great ball-washer.
  • Are you sure you aren’t all four majors because you would be a grand slam?
  • Wanna be my 19th hole today?
  • My shaft is too long.
  • Do you want me to pull it?
  • Wanna see my super stroke?
  • How many strokes do you want?

  • Look how big his putter is…
  • I’m a bit tired, so can we just play your backside tonight?
  • I’m still working on my approach, but I think I have a pretty good swing.
  • I’ve been playing golf all day and would love to make you my 19th hoe.
  • After 18 Holes, I can barely walk.
  • My caddy says I should use a hard 7. You okay with that?
  • Hello, more than friends.
  • I’ve got some good news. I like to go low.

  • Does a bear crap in the woods? No, but I’m willing to screw in them.
  • Oh you only have a threesome, mind if I join?
  • Excuse me, Miss, are you looking for the fairway? Because you coming back to my hotel is the only fair way for this evening to go.
  • So what’s it gonna be today, Stroke Play or Skins?
  • Hey would you like what you’re hiding in your tight jeans to be the 34th ranked golfer in the world because I can make that V-jay sing?


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What are best & funny golf chat up lines?

So the friend was very much excited to give this list to you, and I have excellently excited you this way. How did you like this list? Try to tell us by going to the comment. It will look, and this will increase our happiness a lot, for you, such an impressive and excellent list, I will do it now that it is not much exciting, but I will tell you about it, I will try to tell you how it feels terrible Looks like you try and feel better.

Now let me tell you about how to make the team, you should understand, will you give a little information about how you should make, for this you will have to do a little brainstorming, it will tell you how you should name Which days should be kept too much for you, yet I will give you little tips and tricks so that you will know that you should try to provide some detailed information about how you should be named.

It will be exhilarating and very much knowledge will be filled, will you try to keep the name of anyone at all, only then follow this rule, you will get an outstanding result. I hope that till now you have You must have shared the article too and may not have told a lot of friends, now tell me otherwise Golf Pick up Lines, you can do this again, I can go to the comment and comment as much as you can, and you will show us what I want to say the first thing I want to say is you You are trying to keep the name.

What is dirty & unique golf pick up lines?

You need to take care of the things you have to do that the more you try to keep a short name, the better it will be. It is too long wide, but you must have seen that it is short Google, you know Google very names, you can see that the more you try to keep the short name, the better it will be and I want to talk about nothing Golf Pick up Lines. You must have seen what many companies have done, which are big names, what they have done that they have shortened their name, and then Google has done the same.

You can do the same too. You will get very much; you can use it. Accordingly, you can do it excellently; I have tried to tell you in a better way. I tried a little bit of understanding what you should do and what you should not do. If you want to see what you have to do, you do not understand; my friend is a team member. Show and say that if I like the names, then which of these names do you like? They will tell you what is very good, and if you want to use it, then I have too much and talk about it.

Final Words:-

So it is beautiful because I have tried too much. You want me to hope that you will like me; I will tell you some things that do not tell you such a team means you will not say keeping your team members also excited. If you do not, then it is too much of a problem, it is too much to keep your name, then you will not have any problem for you.

Whatever your team member is not excited about and wants to be named, you will Do whatever in your letter to tell me some good Golf Pick up Lines and better name. I will say to you, try to give him a good gift and the very best gift no one has passed, and you have to say that you have to tell the right name.

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