Hockey Pick Up Lines [ 2024 ] Best, Funny & Good Pick Up Lines

Hockey Pick Up Lines ????: Today, we are going to provide you a favorite list, so whose I am going to give the Hockey Pick Up Lines; and this is a fascinating topic, and I will talk; I am very much in bloom, and all my picks are filled in your full line I will share it with whomever I like and I have not used it, I will try to give you all the things that will be online, then you must read all these and which one you liked. If you can tell us that too, let us see and what the good ones you like; let us know in the comment.

Hockey Pick Up Lines:-

  • I bet my stick would feel great in your crease.
  • Bagy, yrrr so beurdiffle dat I feel I can be nacheral wif yoo.
  • I promise I’m good for more than just a one-timer.
  • C’mon baby, the iceman cometh… but never too soon.
  • Life is better when we stick together.
  • My skate blade is not the only thing made of steel.
  • Despite the fact that I am the better skater, I would still recruit you for my tonsil hockey team.
  • You know, less teeth means more tongue!
  • Do you play hockey? ‘Cause I wouldn’t mind poke-checking you.
  • If I said I’d like to score on you tonight would you think I was being too forward?

  • Hi, my name’s Stanley… wanna see my cup?
  • Can I slip one past your goalie?
  • My other stick curves to the right.
  • I’d love to serve a 5 minute penalty in your box.
  • Football players get cheerleaders, but hockey players bring them home.
  • I bet I can score on your 5-hole I’ve got a curved stick.
  • I bet I can score on your 5-hole
  • You sweep me off my feet!
  • Do you have a jersey? Because I need your name and number.
  • Gretzky isn’t the only great one.
  • You wanna be my equipment manager?

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Credit: YouTube/Shenny T. Sheu

  • Wanna hipcheck?
  • Look, my teeth spell out “I love you” in block letters!
  • Nice Skates… wanna puck?
  • What do you say we drop the gloves and go at it?
  • How about we drop the gloves and go at it?
  • Ever kiss a guy with no teeth?
  • Hi, I’m Zam. How would you like a Zamboni ride?
  • I’m good on the ice, but I’m GREAT in bed!
  • I’ve been called a dirty player but lets just see how dirty we can get tonight.
  • My skateblade’s not the only thing made of steel.
  • Nice Skates… wanna puck?
  • Can I slip one past your tendy?

  • If I can’t score, can I at least get an assist?
  • If you were a puck, I’d never shoot. Because I would always miss you.
  • I’ve got a curved stick
  • When I first saw you, I knew we could win the Stanley Cup in tonsil hockey.
  • Wanna see my “hat-trick?
  • You think Zdeno Chara has a long stick? Wait until you see mine!
  • If I can’t score, can I at least get an assist?
  • Me take you eat.
  • Wanna go for a ride on my Zam-boner?

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