Martial Arts Pick Up Lines【2023】Best, Funny & Good Pick Up Lines For Martial Arts

Martial Arts Pick Up Lines: So if you are looking for this Martial Arts Pick Up Lines then you have come to the right place, I will try to provide you a list of very famous, very much called, very very very funny unique name lines, you can use it in the best way. See and understand and you like it, if you like it, then you can try to tell, then I will take you and show you which pick up lines will be very best, so let’s start

Martial Arts Pick Up Lines:-

  • Wanna learn the sweet science and do a little ground and pound?
  • “Are you a black belt in karate? Because you have all the right moves.”
  • I was knocked out by your beauty or was it your spinning back fist?
  • Are those vale tudo shorts you’re wearing or are you just happy to see me?
  • Hey baby, wanna wrestle?
  • Hey girl I’ve got an active ground game and I’ve never went past the first round.
  • Are you a bjj specialist? Because I would love to be in your guard!
  • I know you’re a knockout, so how’d you get me in this submission?

  • How about you let me take you down and ground and pound you?
  • Baby, I wanna full-mount you.
  • It just doesn’t hurt bad enough. Ike or Jujitsu.
  • It is best if you come from behind. In sparring
  • “Can I have a second of your time to demonstrate my martial arts skills?”
  • Yeah, it’s solid wood. In ditto
  • The mount is my favorite. In Randori
  • “Do you train in martial arts? Because you have a perfect balance of beauty and strength.”
  • Baby, either I just got knocked out or I’m falling for you.
  • I wanna be all on top of you like a crucifix.

  • “Do you want to spar with me? I promise to go easy on you.”
  • “I may not have a black belt in karate, but I promise to treat you like a queen.”
  • “Are you a taekwondo master? Because you have some seriously powerful.
  • You got me in a heel hook and I fell for you…
  • Are you a boxer? Well you should be, you’re one hell of a knock out!
  • Hey, girl, did you practice karate? Cause it really looks like your practice has paid off. Good form.
  • Girl, I love you like Spongebob loves his job, Sandy loves karate and how Mr. Krabs loves money.
  • If my love was like blows to the head, the ref would have to call the match.

  • Girl do you know martial arts? Because you’ve got body karate.
  • I just love being in the guard. Randori
  • Baby, I wanna full-mount you…
  • Here’s my number. Just in case you ever need a grappling partner without a shirt or pants.

  • You’re like GSP. You’re my number 1.
  • I might have to hit you with my BIG stick. In Kobudo
  • You and me, one-on-one, in my bed.
  • I’ll show you some takedown my number techniques.
  • “Is it hot in here or is it just the intensity of my martial arts training?”
  • Baby tonight is like WEC, because we’ll never forget.
  • Baby, either I just got knocked out or I’m falling for you.

Tips & trick Pick Up Lines For Martial Arts:-

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