Mechanic Pick Up Lines 2021: Best, Funny & Dirty Lines For Guys

Mechanic Pick Up Lines: Hi friend, today we hope to see the Mechanic Pick Up Lines that whatever you are going to give the pickup line to you, you will find it very cute, too much interest is very different, it is amazing, it is amazing and it is very good too. Hopefully you will like something and feel the best, then without time waste, I will take you and show me how you should research the name, how to name it.

Mechanic Pick Up Lines:-

  • Hey girl are you a mechanical pencil?
    Cuz I wanna stick my 0.7mm in you
  • If you were a Dodge, I’d RAM you.
  • With you my body’s defense mechanism shuts off entirely, I think your hotness fried the wires.
  • My nuts are made of titanium.
  • Can I offer you a space to plugin and recharge?
  • At least I have a car
  • I’d drive a million miles for one of your smiles.
  • Hey babe, I’ll be your mechanic if you’ll be my ride.
  • Can I put my dipstick in your oil hole?
  • Hey baby, how bout i teach you the Sn2 mechanism and show you a backside attack?
  • I don’t drive a car, but I’d love to walk you home!
  • Hey baby! If you were a car, I’d drive you all night long.
  • I have never been a mechanic..
    But I wouldn’t mind changing your fluids
  • Hey, do you like your car? I was thinking of getting one for my mom.
  • You must be a mechani
  • Do you believe in love at first sight, or I should drive around the block one more time?
  • Coz you sure know how to crank my shaft
  • Are you a mechanical pencil
  • Hey Girl! You have a beautiful chassis, two lovely airbags, and a fantastic bumper.
  • Cuz i’ll never have a dull moment with you
  • I’m lost, can you tell me which road leads to your heart?
  • Would you like to blow my head gasket?
    Can I offer you a space to plug in and recharge?
  • Do you mind if I check out your exhaust pipe?
  • Drive here often?
  • Hey baby, if you were a car, I’d definitely run up the mileage.
  • Hey babe, check your oil?
  • Hey baby, if I was a car, you’d have to write me a speeding ticket, because I never take it slow.
  • I’m no mechanic but..
    I totally would like to oil your piston
  • I bet we could maximize on that kinetic energy.
  • I lost my puppy, can you help me find him? I think he climbed into the back seat of my crew cab.
  • I save so much energy with this car, I can put the leftover to good use.
  • I bet your dual source of energy means you’re up for a good time.
  • Babe, Can I be your mechanic
    Because I am not afraid to go down and dirty
  • Hey baby, if you were a car, I’d let you jump me.
  • Do you believe in love at first sight or should I drive by again?
  • Can I buy you a tank of gas?
  • Hey baby! Ever heard of the dancing car? Get in and I will show you.

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Mechanic Pick Up Lines

  • Damn girl, are you a mechanical penil?
  • Because you’re finer than .7mm lead
  • Is your father a mechanic? Because you’ve got a finely tuned body!
  • I built a sleeping bed in the back of my truck, it seems there’s too much room for one.
  • I like things with more miles per gallon.
  • Hey baby, need a mechanic for that finely tuned body?
  • I’ll be your mechanic if you’ll be my ride.
  • Hey Baby! May I check your fluids with my dipstick.
  • Will I get a chance to pop your clutch?
  • Was your father a mechanic? Then how did you get such a finely tuned body
  • Those are some nice headlights, but there’s no need to put your high beams on… yet.
  • Your dad must have been a mechanic, because you’ve got a nicely tuned body.
  • Did you get the chassis stiffener on your model?
  • I noticed your right front tire is a little low. You should check it out right away, or you could have a blowout.
  • Hey baby! I got the biggest exhaust pipe you’ll ever see!
  • Are you happy to see me, or is that just a defense mechanism?
  • If you were a car door, I would slam you all night!
  • Do you like things battery operated?
  • Can i open your bonnet and check out your oil with my dipstick
  • If you were a car door, I’d slam you all night long.
  • I’ve got a bed in the back of my truck, it seems there’s too much room for one…
  • Hey Girl! Who needs a pick-up line when you’ve got a pickup truck.
  • Can I park my car in your garage?
  • Can you help me with my GPS? I need directions to find my way into your heart.
  • Can I adjust your rearview mirrorS?
  • Can I open your bonnet and check out your oil with my dipstick.
  • I need some coolant because you’ve got my engine overheating.
  • How about I shift my stick into something else…
  • Hey baby, if you were a car, I’d jack you up and check out your undercarriage.
  • Don’t feel bad about going 5 under the speed limit, I wouldn’t want to damage you going too fast either.
  • Are you as efficient with your hands as you are with your energy?
  • How many engines do you have under your hood?
  • Since gas prices are so high, I think you should carpool with me to dinner tonight.
  • Hey baby, if I was a car, I’d need some coolant, because you’ve got my engine overheating.
  • How about we go to my garage and see what’s under the hood.
  • Guys drive big cars to make up for a lack of something else. Wanna know why I drive a Mini Cooper?

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Dirty Mechanic Pick Up Lines For Guys:-

You think that I would have liked it and have come or not, go down and comment and we will know that you did not like it, try to tell us full about it, we will know that You feel good, you feel bad and some things will be known to us.

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You will be sitting in your mind to speak to the people. You can say the same name, you mean that the same line should be kept, so that if you understand, then you will be able to work for you. If I am,

I will try for you one more day that I have ever seen you go and check it so that you will know that what we have provided best to you is worthy of you or not. If you know, then you will know how you should provide a list, how you should not keep it, I have tried to tell it very often in full detail.

Best & Funny Pick Up Lines For Mechanics:-

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