Music Pick Up Lines ( 2024 ) Best, Funny & Good Lines List

Today we are going to give you a Music Pick Up Lines ????; it will be very best for those who are crazy about music, I think they provide some new lines that will never disappoint you and let you know that it works decently and Well how do you use it that you.

So I will call you the smallest things that you have never seen, in this, we have tried to give a big list, in some future time we will try to provide a unit list, so without any type Let’s go and start.

Music Pick Up Lines:-

  • If I were a drum I’d let you bang me all night long!
  • Perhaps you and your friend would like to play a trio with me?
  • You must be a choir director, because you make my heart sing!
  • That’s a nice set of mallets you have.
  • I bet that flute isn’t the only thing you know how to blow.
  • Girl, you give me a tromboner.
  • Call me Eric Clapton, cause I’ll pluck your heart strings.
  • How about we go home and study your French composition.
  • One night with me and you’ll hit all the high notes.

  • Are you Stacy’s mom? Cause you’ve got it going on.
  • Wanna swap mouth pieces.
  • I’d love to strum your g-string
  • Just remember girl, “Treble” is my middle name.
  • This cello isn’t the only big wood between my legs.
  • I C Major potential in us getting together.
  • Slow down girl, you’re giving me a woodwind.
  • Are you a trumpet player? Because you sure are makin’ me horny!
  • Your voice is so a-do-re-ble to mi.
  • You wanna grease my slide?

  • I may not be Mumford, but do you want to have my sons?
  • How about we Duet all night long.
  • I bet we’d get into some serious Treble together.
  • Let’s make some sweet music together, honey.
  • Girl you must have swallowed a speaker, cause your beauty is louder than the rest.
  • Do you like AC/DC cause I wanna do it all night long.
  • You must be a fourth or a fifth, because you’re just perfect!
  • You had me at cello.
  • Do you play the trumpet because you make me horny.
  • I’m French Horny for your tromboner.

  • Bae, you make Rita Ora look like a teletubbie.
  • You can tickle my ivories anytime, baby.
  • Damn girl, you’re lookin’ sharp!
  • This reed isn’t the only thing I can get wet.
  • Let’s play a love game. I’ll be Alejandro, you be Lady Gaga and I’ll let you take a ride on my disco stick.
  • I wanna duet with you.
  • Save a drum, bang a drummer.
  • Flute players provide some cheap trills.
  • Do you like Adele? Cause I can tell you like rolling in the D.
  • Let’s make music on my sheets.

  • My friends call me “Legato”, cause I’m so smooth.
  • Call me AC/DC, because I’m gonna rock you all night long!
  • I can make you hit all the high notes!
  • Your French Horn is giving me a Woodwind.
  • The pads on my MPC2000XL aren’t the only thing I’ll be banging tonight.
  • I’ll beat that ass like a drum and leave you swimming in cum.
  • I believe that Mozart would not be able to make a composition as beautiful as you!
  • I can’t play the guitar but i’ll sure pluck your G String.
  • I just lost my job and may be Baroque, but that doesn’t mean I can’t show you a good time.

  • I’d like to finger your fret board.
  • Let’s cut to the chase and duet already.
  • I’m a drummer, banging is what we do.
  • I’m like a musician going to a party, I always make a big entrance and I never cum early.
  • I C Major potential in us getting together.
  • Do your parents compose classical music, cause baby got Bach.

  • If my love for you were music, you would be the most beautiful lyrics of my songbook.
  • The Proclaimers would walk 500 miles to “come back home to you,” but I’ll do you one better. I’ll sit through an entire Nickelback concert.
  • Ever heard of Metalica? Because you could ride my lightning.
  • Do you like heavy metal? Cause I can teach you how to scream.
  • I bet you didn’t know that musicians duet better.


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