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Redneck Pick up Lines ????: Today, we are going to give you the best Redneck Pick up Lines, you will like it, and you will be able to enjoy it, which will be a lot better; we have become the best, and I will try to provide you with a lot of interest so that you do not need to go anywhere And whatever you would like to tell us, then definitely tell us that we liked Redneck Pick Up Lines it and what we need to comment, try to tell us so that we can work on it more thoroughly and To give you a good, good and a good list.

Redneck Pick up Lines:-

  • God wants us to be together. That’s why he gave us the same parents!
  • Do you have a library card, ’cause I’d like to sign you out.
  • Wanna ride my Monster truck?
  • If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d sure shootin’ put U and me together.
  • Is there a mirror in your pants? Because I can see myself in them.
  • Your eyes are as blue as window cleaner.
  • Hey you remember that BBQ, when I slapped my meat on you grill.
  • I bet your father was a good farmer, cause you’re one fine hoe.

  • Hey babe…do you realise that my mouth can generate over 3000 rpm?
  • Your eyes are like spanners. Every time I look at you my nuts tighten.
  • Girl you must be my cousin cause I wanna do you.
  • If you was a tree & I was a Squirrel, I’d store my nuts in yer hole.
  • Hey you looking for a stud in your life? Cause I got the STD all I need is U.
  • If yer gunna regret this in the mornin, we kin sleep til the afternoon.
  • I’ll go the country mile to see that country smile.
  • You’ve got 206 bones in your body. Want one more?

  • I may not have as many teeth as Fred Flinstone, but wanna watch me make my bedrock?
  • Well, tie me to a pig and roll me in the mud! You are mighty purdy for a heavy girl.
  • Did you fart? Cause you blew me away.
  • I might be missing teeth, but that just leaves more room for your tongue.
  • I am cooking out so if you want some juicy sausage come on over.
  • Like my belt buckle?” (Why?) “It would look better on your forehead!
  • Yer face reminds me of a wrench, every time I think of it, my nuts tighten up.

  • Your eyes are as blue as window cleaner.
  • I Like My Girls Like My Koolaid “Sweet And Go Down Easy..
  • Baby, you are prettier than a beer truck pulling into my driveway.
  • Let’s go fishing, I’ll be the rod, you be the fish and later on we’ll hook up!.
  • Are both of those teeth real?
  • My Love fer you is like diarrhea – I kin’t hold it in.
  • Hi there darling. Wow, I bet you were really hot when you were about my age!
  • If I were a tractor and you were a plow, I would definitely hook up with you…

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  • I can’t find my puppy, can you help me find him?I think he went inta this cheap motel room.
  • Baby, you must be a broom, cause you just swept me off my feet.
  • You might not be the best looking girl here, but beauty’s only a light switch away.
  • You go curves like a racetrack, and tonight, I’m gonna be your Ricky Bobby.

  • I know I’m not no Fred Flintstone, but I bet I can make yer bed-rock.
  • Hey Baby. Wanna go back to my place? Mamma said you had to be home by 10 anyway.
  • You look good in that lumberjack shirt but I would like to see you out of it.
  • Tell me honey ham, did it hurt when the devil spit you up and you landed here?
  • If I had a garden I’d put your two lips and my two lips together.
  • Hey baby, nice tooth.
  • Oh Boy, I soiled my pants, can me get into yours?

  • Is there a mirror in yer pants? ‘cuz I can see myself in em.
  • Are we related? Cause my pappy done told me to keep it in the family!
  • Girl, if you were a chicken you’d be impeccable.
  • God wants us to be together. That’s why he gave us the same parents!
  • I borrowed daddy’s teeth just for you.
  • Country boys don’t need pick-up lines, cause they’ve got pick-up trucks.

  • If yer gunna regret this in the mornin, we kin sleep til afternoon.
  • You sure have white teeth, you must brush em!
  • You might not be the best looking girl here, but beauty is only a light switch away.
  • If you were a booger, I’d pick you first!
  • Are you a garbage can because I’m trash and I want to be inside of you.
  • Are yer parents retarded?cuz ya sure are special.
  • Oh, you live in the country……… I’d like to check you for ticks!

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What are best & good redneck pickup lines?

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