Tennis Pick Up Lines ( 2024 ) Best, Funny & Good Pick Up Lines

Tennis Pick Up Lines For Best, Funny & Good Pick Up Lines

Tennis Pick Up Lines ????: So how are you guys, I think you will be very good today, there is a lot of interesting topic, I am going to give a Tennis Pick Up Lines and I am hungry more interesting topic because I go to play in the evening and my friends are with them. I keep playing man,

I enjoy it very much and I talk that I play half an hour to an hour sometimes because I love playing tennis, you also play tennis and you have to say pick up line So you are getting very confused, have I tried to tell you sir about which line to take, then you must definitely try, you will have a lot of help and you are easily one.

Tennis Pick Up Lines:-

  • Wanna play some tennis? I got a racket and two balls.
  • Excuse me miss, could you hold my balls while I get my huge racket out of my bag?
  • Do you want to be my doubles partner for life?
  • Your court or mine?
  • Girl gets rid of those Dunlop balls, you deserve better.
  • Trust me, the only time I’d play games with you is on the court.
  • Smash or pass? In tennis, I’ll do both.
  • That was a pretty deep shot girl, but I’ll be even deeper inside.
  • Care to knock a few balls with me?

  • If we were playing tennis, I’d let you score all the points so I’ll always be in Love.
  • If you will be my racket, I’ll be your ball. Serve me.
  • Baby you can ride the Tennis Express all night.
  • I can hurl it 130 MPH down the middle.
  • Play tennis here often?
  • So, what’s your favorite stroke?
  • Do you know what else is a nice match? You and me.
  • So, what’s your favorite stroke?

  • Can we rally forever so we stay in love?
  • Baby I like it, the way you move on the court.
  • Are you Roger Federer’s groundstrokes? Cause baby you’re so elegant.
  • You’re looking like a tennis ball. I just wanna hit it.


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Tennis Pick Up Lines
Tennis Pick Up Lines

  • Babe trust me the only time I’d play games with you is on the court.
  • Is that a ball in your pocket or are you just excited to see me?
  • Babe, you played a good match, but you and I are a PERFECT match.
  • Tired of singles? Let’s play some doubles.
  • I’m not a tennis player but I’ll still grunt if you hit my balls.
  • Wanna play some tennis? I got one racket and two balls.
  • For you, I’d give unlimited lets.

  • I can hurl it 130 MPH down the middle.
  • I grunt harder than anyone else on the tennis courts.
  • Girl, are you a lob? Cause I’m going to smash you
  • I will give you Yonex, you can give me Head.
  • I’m happy to fetch your balls for you. You hit them as hard as you like.
  • If you can return my serve, I’ll return your call.


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What are Best & Funny Tennis Pick Up Lines?

Do you think that whatever list we have seen, it will be very good and all those who have been on TV, have become tennis time and I have provided many lists to you, that is also not checked in your category. If you have done it, then definitely check with the man,

You will get a lot of benefit and you will be able to see very easily in a very better way, I think and I hope that whatever we gave you list was good or bad. Lagi definitely comment us, tell us that you need an improvement in this list and make it good, otherwise if you like it.

Then please comment and you should support us, try to tell about it now. I have seen this, but I am going to try to update it very much at the coming time, because the game that has a Tennis Pick Up Lines in it,

I am going to add that you have to say the line, then I will tell you one that the name itself Whatever will happen, you try, try to take a small, tried to give, use it You will get a lot of benefit by using it.

What are Cute & Good Tennis Pick Up Lines?

You will be able to see easily because you have shown in the video about how you should speak that you can laugh about what you are talking and what you do. Look in the video in detail, you definitely do get a lot of help and you will be able to see your lines easily and keep trying to give only very good lines,

Which can be much better for you, you can get it easily. For the reason that I am sharing this with you, would you have liked it, I will keep trying to bring better and very good lines.

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