Truck Pick Up Lines【2024】Best & Funny Truck Pick Up Lines For Guys

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Truck Pick Up Lines:-

  • Do you believe in love at first sight, or I should drive around the block one more time?
  • Want to charge up with me?
  • Want to drive for miles and stare at my dashboard?
  • If you’re picking up trash then you better come back and pick up me
  • I lost my puppy, can you help me find him? I think he climbed into the back seat of my crew cab.
  • My batteries are designed for extended life.
  • My catalytic converter is going bad. Can you replace it with a test pipe and a new oxygen sensor?
  • Hi! I’m from out of town and lost…could you show me the way to your house?

  • Yeah I own my home; it’s on the back of my truck.
  • Is your battery dead? Cause I’d love to jump you.
  • Hey baby, if you were a car, I’d check your oil regularly.
  • Your back seat or mine?
  • Your car’s power and movement turns my wheels.
  • Your exit or mine?
  • Need a jump?
  • Can I put my dipstick in your oil hole?
  • Can you help me reconfigure my GPS system? I need directions to get into your pants.
  • I’d love to jack you up and check out your undercarriage.
  • I’d love to use you as two types of fuel.

  • Can I buy you a tank of gas?
  • If I put my key in your ignition will it turn you on?
  • Did you just say “propulsion power?”
  • Hey Girl! You’ve a beautiful chassis, two lovely airbags and a fantastic bumper.
  • Lets make like a LS1 and get the hell outta here
  • Hey baby, if you were a car, I’d definitely run up the mileage.
  • Hey baby, if you were a car, I’d have to turn off your brights, because your headlights are blinding.
  • Wanna know why I drive a dodge truck? So I can ram the daughter and dodge the father

  • Hold on, let me put on my back up sensor before you say another word.
  • How long is your lifecycle emission?
  • Do you build food trucks for a living? Cuz you know how to make a wiener stand
  • Are you a dump truck? I want you to take my load
  • What do you say we get some non-toxic cleaners and go wax your car?
  • I’ll make sure you idle less.
  • Convert this.
  • Did you get the chassis stiffener on your model?

  • I save so much energy with this car, I can put the leftover to good use.
  • You’re prettier than a beer truck pulling up in my driveway.
  • Hey pull over, your car is on Fire!
  • Would you like to buy me dinner with your tax credit?
  • Would you like to improve my fuel economy?
  • Do you believe in love at first site or should I drive by again?
  • Do you know what the difference is between you and my car? I’d love to wreck you.
  • Oh, you have two motors? That’s hot.
  • Petroleum is so 2000.

  • I’ll race you to (insert the name of a nice restaurant in town). Whoever wins has to let me pay the check.
  • This car is small, but we can make it work.
  • Will I get a chance to pop your clutch?
  • Ever had sex in bucket seats?
  • Hello. I’m sorry but I’m lost. Can you show me the road to happiness?
  • Hey babe, check your oil?
  • You got a truck with flashing lights and flags? Because I’ve got an oversized load coming for you
  • Hey baby, if you were a car, I’d be willing to pay for new headlights.

  • Those are some nice headlights, but there’s no need to put your high beams on… yet.
  • Hey baby! If you were a car, I’d drive you all night long.
  • Hey Girl! Who needs a pick up line when you’ve go a pick up truck.
  • Hey, do you like your car? I was thinking of getting one for my mom.
  • Those are some nice headlights, but there’s no need to put your high beams on… yet.
  • Hey girl, are you a truck? Cause I want you to hit me hard.
  • Hey baby, if I was a car, you’d have to write me a speeding ticket, because I never take it slow.
  • Hey baby, if you were a car, all my friends would be asking to borrow you.

  • Would you like to blow my head gasket?
  • Mmmmm… plug in sounds sexy.
  • Hey Girl! Your eyes remind me of my car headlights. So Bright, Big & Beautiful.
  • Hey Handsome! I will give you such a service that your motor will cease and your exhaust will fall off.
  • Hey baby, why do you think they call it a pick-up truck?
  • My love for u is like ford truck month? There’s no end to it
  • Hey Baby! May i check your fluids with my dipstick.
  • You make me glow as bright as your dashboard.
  • You make me want to become a cleaner-burning woman.
  • You make my wheels turn
  • Hey baby, if I was a car, I’d need some coolant, because you’ve got my engine overheating.

  • Would you like to lubricate my camshaft?
  • You have a hybrid? You’re so unconventional. I like that.
  • You should see MY Stop/Start capability.
  • You’re like your hybrid, so quiet but so powerful.
  • You’re so energy efficient.
  • You’re so stealthy in that Prius, I’ll show you how to make some noise.
  • Damn, you’re ugly but I’d hit that? With a truck or maybe a baseball bat
  • Race you to the next light!
  • Do you like things battery operated?
  • Do you mind if I check out your exhaust pipe?
  • Hey baby, if you were a car, I’d totally wreck you.
  • Look surprised, then say, “WOW, This is the first time I’ve ever seen a flower driving a car.”

  • Hey sexy!, wanna go for a test drive?
  • Hey baby! Every heard of dancing car? Get in and i will show you.
  • Are you a semi truck
  • May i take your truck for a test drive?
  • Wanna ride my Monster truck?
  • Hey baby, if you were a car, I’d jack you up and check out your undercarriage.

  • Hey baby, if you were a car, I’d let you jump me.
  • I’d drive a million miles for one of your smiles, and even farther
  • I’d love to be your hydrogen fueling station.
  • ‘Cause in bed you’ll need an oversized load banner
  • What are you doing with that dump truck?
  • Hey baby! I got the biggest exhaust pipe you’ll ever see!

Truck Pick Up Lines For Guys:-

  • Hey Baby! I’ve changed the shocks of my car. Wanna try them?
  • This car is roomier than I thought! Does that mean we can recline the seats?
  • What do you say we pull over and plug into the grid?
  • What’s a nice girl like you doing in a car like that?
  • What’s your favorite cruising speed?
  • Do you think I could borrow a cup of power steering fluid?
  • Don’t let the compact size fool you.

  • I don’t need to keep my engine running when I am with you.
  • I like things with more miles per gallon.
  • I lost my puppy, can you help me find him? I think he climbed into the back seat of my crew cab.
  • Don’t worry, my energy levels never get low.
  • Drive here often?
  • With all the MPG you get, we can totally drive into the sunset like, twice.
  • With all these high gas prices, we should park somewhere and talk.
  • You’re the only thing about this traffic worth smiling about! Got a cell phone? I’d love to chat with you!

  • How many engines do you have under your hood?
  • Smile while lifting a sign that says, “Am listening to Car Talk. Wanna listen together?
  • That aerodynamic architecture sure makes you look good.
  • Wanna free lube job?
  • Who needs oil when you’re naturally charged?
  • Damn girl are you a truck driver for Little Debbie? Cause you’re packing a ton of cake
  • I can feel my energy security rising when I am with you.

Best & Funny Truck Pick Up Lines:-

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Good & Cool Truck Pick Up Lines:-

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